Definition of screw someone up in English:

screw someone up

phrasal verb

  • Cause someone to be emotionally or mentally disturbed.

    ‘this job can really screw you up’
    • ‘Virtually everything about the way staff treated me in the hospital screwed me up.’
    • ‘Nobody has a perfect life, and, just think, if you are screwed up in a sufficiently imaginative way, your children can always use it as creative ballast.’
    • ‘I understand that having both of your parents die on you when you're only five years old could completely screw you up for the rest of your life.’
    • ‘I noticed that something Fred said really screwed you up, do you want to talk about it?’
    • ‘‘Our first job is to not screw him up,’ McLaughlin said with a laugh.’
    • ‘Pretending to be his girlfriend, will probably only screw me up in the head even more.’
    • ‘The rush of emotions and the intensity of being whooshed back to the time in my life when we were together screwed me up for weeks.’
    • ‘It is an overly idealized institution that royally screws up more people than it benefits.’
    • ‘That kind of cognitive dissonance will really screw you up, and it will manifest in many more ways than just loss of attraction.’
    • ‘I do now feel a degree of sympathy for the guy; I now know that he isn't just terminally sad, but he's also fairly screwed up.’