Definition of screw pine in English:

screw pine


  • another term for pandanus
    • ‘Attempts are also afoot to promote the screw pine and other plants for creating natural barriers in place of sea walls, which has been discarded in most of the countries.’
    • ‘An even smaller tropical island than Sipadan, Lankayan is covered with lush vegetation, including casuarina trees and the ubiquitous pandan screw pines.’
    • ‘Handicrafts made of screw pine, banana fibre, palm leaf fibre, coconut husk, bamboo and white wood are among other things on display.’
    • ‘The search for substitutes for plastic have opened up new markets for environment-friendly products made out of natural fibre like screw pine in foreign countries.’
    • ‘The natural oil found in the screw pine will act as the anti-fungal agent and prevent decay of the material even if it is washed.’