Definition of screw around in English:

screw around

phrasal verb

  • 1vulgar slang Have many different sexual partners.

  • 2informal Fool about.

    ‘a lot of our songs come about with these guys playing and I just screw around and eventually come up with something’
    • ‘Through the years I always took an interest in pop music and I would listen to bands that really had a great melodic aesthetic, but really screwed around with it a little more.’
    • ‘I should just stop screwing around with the template, huh?’
    • ‘I would prefer to be criticised for new things, screwing around with new formats.’
    • ‘Make up a story, screw around with it, needle the characters, make them say weird stuff, insert new people at inopportune moments and have fun.’
    • ‘I don't even know, we just always screw around, and people think that's flirting.’
    • ‘Another fellow stays late, never screws around, but still gets less done.’
    • ‘I was screwing around on the guitar, and I came up with this riff and the lyrics are very personal.’
    • ‘The rest of the weekend was spent screwing around with my computer.’
    • ‘I've done nothing but screw around all day, I haven't even transcribed any of my notes.’
    • ‘I was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening of screwing around with some new software, but it was not to be.’