Definition of screw-on in English:



  • Adapted or designed to be attached by screwing on to something.

    ‘a salient feature is the screw-on lid, which is less likely to come off by accident’
    • ‘At the top of it is a screw-on metal cap that allows access to the water reservoir or water overflow tank.’
    • ‘One end is rather thicker than the other thanks to a shiny black metal screw-on cover protecting the engineer-removable rechargeable battery.’
    • ‘Some cave-divers deliberately leave the locking pins out of screw-on second-stage covers, so they can take them apart under water if necessary to clean out grit or silt.’
    • ‘The variable power 18-36x eyepiece is protected with a screw-on dust cover while the objective lens features a snap-on dust cover.’
    • ‘Instructors design a route using the screw-on boulders, which means it can be made easier for younger climbers and tougher for the members who use it regularly.’
    • ‘Also, I wish it came with a screw-on sunshade and a reticle with rangefinding capability.’
    • ‘The HP battery simply snaps in the back, while Canon's design requires a screw-on housing.’
    • ‘Why did it take so long to put on a ‘lug’ lip for drip-free pouring, make a screw-on lid, or attach a simple handle?’
    • ‘Coleman makes a screw-on propane tank for the stove, but I had trouble putting my hands on one and ended up using a generic brand that worked fine.’
    • ‘Two screw-on chrome barbs are integrated into the acrylic to create a tight and leak-proof connection.’
    • ‘The scope comes with screw-on protective covers for both ends of the steel tube to protect the ocular and objective lens when not in use.’
    • ‘The screw-on metal fittings are a snap to use, and secure the hoses very well.’
    • ‘We offer capping equipment for flat caps, sports caps, press-on caps and screw-on caps.’
    • ‘A screw-on trigger control replaces the knob on the dozer blade tilt-control lever.’
    • ‘It is worthwhile to purchase a screw-on UV or polarizing filter to fit to your camera in front of the lens.’
    • ‘The filler opening itself is unique, featuring a hinged cover instead of a screw-on cap.’
    • ‘The piercing is usually made just above the navel, and a short, straight bar with screw-on metal balls on either end is inserted through the hole.’
    • ‘The screw-on filters are designed to protect the wearer from the risk of exposure to potential infections such as tuberculosis.’
    • ‘Previously, we packaged our product in a paperboard carton that had a pour spout with a screw-on cap.’
    • ‘I combined them in a quart jar with a screw-on lid and used a clean paintbrush to apply the liquid to the affected toes morning and night.’