Definition of screw-in in English:



  • Adapted or designed to be attached by screwing into something.

    ‘man-made sole, screw-in studs’
    • ‘I found the screw-in hand wheel to be ergonomic and easy to fit even when attaching it to the cylinder with gloves on.’
    • ‘If, like me, you tend to do a lot of walking when fishing, studs are essential items, and you can add screw-in studs to felt soles.’
    • ‘Camps are often filled with incandescent screw-in bulbs and floodlights.’
    • ‘The LCU's reservoir has two top mounted metal screw-in plugs.’
    • ‘Hartford Armory has already solved this by offering a screw-in front sight available in different heights, with a special wrench for removal and installation.’
    • ‘Fourtunately, the barrel walls at the muzzle end of the Model 9410 are sufficiently thick to easily accommodate screw-in choke tubes.’
    • ‘If you have screw-in fuses, stock up before the heat pours in.’
    • ‘The cheapest ceiling and wall solutions are heavy-duty, screw-in, vinyl-coated steel hooks, available at most hardware stores.’
    • ‘Long ago, a footballer had two pairs of boots - multistudded or moulded boots for very dry and hard surface conditions, and screw-in studs for the softer surfaces.’
    • ‘The modern screw-in choke tube has solved many problems regarding matching the choke, and hence the pattern, to the game.’
    • ‘Kaltreider is also a believer in screw-in chokes for this high-volume work.’
    • ‘Screw the cap back on, and you can pull it off to reveal the pen's screw-in writing mechanism, which is one of those thin, 6.5cm refills.’
    • ‘They offer glue-on broadheads for carbon shafts and traditional screw-in broadheads, along with a wide range of other archery accessories.’
    • ‘Laughridge had to install a screw-in bushing of his own manufacture.’
    • ‘Merkel does not offer guns with screw-in chokes, but they do recommend Briley as an after-market source.’
    • ‘It features lightweight hammer-forged barrels, relieved forcing cones and a set of thin, steel-shot-compatible screw-in choke tubes.’
    • ‘Dimensions haven't changed much over the years, although most players now favour a three-quarter length cue with a quick release button to allow for the screw-in extension.’
    • ‘The promising new sole looks to be more durable with beefier knobs and optional screw-in studs for gobs of traction on steep hike-a-bike sections.’
    • ‘The Mini has a ground-off screw-in hook in the base to support it outdoors.’
    • ‘Track lighting is one of the most popular choices among art retailers, especially those who incorporate standard fixtures that can accommodate any type of screw-in light bulb.’