Definition of screw-capped in English:



  • See screw cap

    • ‘My vote goes to this exotic, nutty, spiced apricot-scented, screw-capped white made from the Rhône's unusual marsanne grape.’
    • ‘Within two months of launching its range consisting of over 30 screw-capped wines it has already sold over one-and-a-half million bottles.’
    • ‘Freeze-ground material of leaves or flavedo was weighed in screw-capped Pyrex tubes and 2 ml of MeOH were added.’
    • ‘The seeds were placed in screw-capped plastic containers, wrapped in aluminium foil and stored at room temperature.’
    • ‘Recently I tasted five bottles of the 1937 Macallan, each of which had spent more than 30 years in a cask and about 30 years in screw-capped bottles.’