Definition of screening in English:



  • 1A showing of a film, video, or television programme.

    ‘filmgoers were shut out in droves from the film's many screenings in Cannes’
    mass noun ‘the less-than-successful screening of the sitcom's pilot episode’
    • ‘There are 60 booths outside the museum and the public is welcome to attend the speeches, forums, performances and documentary film screenings taking place inside the museum.’
    • ‘Would she like to come along with him to a special screening of a film loosely based on one of Calvino's stories?’
    • ‘Also for the first time, HBO is running a contest, ‘Home to Rome’, for viewers in connection with the screening of the film.’
    • ‘For the more discerning film viewer, there are Film Society screenings every week on the big screen at the Paramount.’
    • ‘It was made an affair to remember, with the screening of a film on murders, double murders, spies, invisible spies, counter spies and international espionage.’
    • ‘You know you're at the screening of a Canadian film when the executive producer is actually present to greet you as you arrive, and sincerely wishes that he brought everyone a cup of coffee.’
    • ‘Every once in a while, Roger would invite me to join him for a screening of a new film.’
    • ‘The highlight of the wedding will be a special screening of a film on the environment and an exhibition on nature.’
    • ‘A prominent feature of the festivities were public television screenings as cameras filmed a Royal event for the first time.’
    • ‘Plenary sessions and workshops were also held in conjunction with the screenings of films and videos, and there was plenty to celebrate.’
    • ‘All these artists will be showcased tomorrow night at the Diorama's Black Box Theatre, alongside a number of film and video screenings.’
    • ‘The regulations were further eased in the late 1990s to allow pop concerts and the screening of Japanese films.’
    • ‘On Sunday, the National Galley of Canada in Ottawa is also hosting a special screening of the film.’
    • ‘An opening night premiere party will follow the screening, and all films will show at the Oak Street Cinema.’
    • ‘Sign up for a regular e-mail update on the latest screenings and other film offers and competitions.’
    • ‘Andrew will be giving a talk about the expedition before a special screening of an IMAX film about Everest tomorrow evening.’
    • ‘More than 3,500 video screenings of the programmes are also planned for villages with limited access to TV and radio.’
    • ‘It also seeks to prohibit the screening of films, television programs and advertisements without a license.’
    • ‘The image is crystal clear, and the disc includes the original score by Gottfried Huppertz that was used in the film's premiere screenings.’
    • ‘I would arrange for a screening of the film for all concerned parents and administrators to ensure that there are no surprises when it is used in class.’
    broadcast, transmission, televising, showing, relaying, telecast, dissemination
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  • 2mass noun The evaluation or investigation of something as part of a methodical survey, to assess suitability for a particular role or purpose.

    ‘nowhere is drug screening more common than in the federal criminal justice system’
    • ‘Data clearly indicates that plants collected from healers provide more solid leads toward developing new drugs than random screening.’
    • ‘Drug screening is beginning at a British university for a pill that, when taken daily in old age, should improve memory.’
    • ‘It can cut the cost of drug screening and assessment because it is computer generated, and does not need a trained professional for administration.’
    • ‘Much of the time is spent on screening and investigation of complaints, after an initial scrutiny to check that a complaint was within the jurisdiction of the office.’
    • ‘By contrast, laboratory screening of drugs will be both quicker and cheaper, as hundreds of tests will be able to be carried out in the time taken for one animal test.’
    • ‘Drug screening is not only used by the US military, but by state and local government.’
    • ‘The security upgrade includes new criminal investigation teams based at major airports, tougher screening of airport staff and boosts to customs and surveillance.’
    • ‘Three methods of screening of vehicles are in use for security purposes.’
    • ‘Detention is only used to establish a persons identity and to conduct criminal screening.’
    • ‘Ports will conduct more baggage checks, screening of traffic and people and set up photo identification facilities.’
    • ‘Any attempt to revive the role of the raja would entail strict public screening of the person's integrity and abilities.’
    • ‘So we can begin our screening of states' investment potential by ranking them on the basis of these two factors.’
    • ‘Dogan said the plan was a compilation of concrete investment projects that had been selected after careful screening.’
    • ‘Current screening of potential new drugs is done using cell lines derived from animals or ‘abnormal’ human tissue such as tumor cells.’
    • ‘Our level of screening, police checks and training of adults before we let them work with young people is used as a benchmark by other organisations.’
    • ‘This article will describe a process of screening and then evaluating research articles for the purpose of making clinical decisions based on available evidence.’
    • ‘The RNIB is calling on the Government to introduce universal quality screening for all children at the age of five, seven, and eleven years.’
    • ‘This weekend's screening will include checking the length of time people have been party members and whether their subscriptions are up to date.’
    • ‘Literacy tests for the purpose of screening voters are, of course, unconstitutional.’
    • ‘In this way, potential dynamic changes in UV screening can be assessed.’
    trial, experiment, pilot study, try-out
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    1. 2.1 The testing of a person or group of people for the presence of a disease or other condition.
      ‘prenatal screening for Down's syndrome’
      • ‘Medical screening for predisposition to genetic illness has always been an integral part of NHS patient care in Britain.’
      • ‘Because the condition is so rare, general screening by mammography, ultrasound, or other methods is not recommended.’
      • ‘The researchers plan to test their screening technique to find microbes that break down carcinogenic chemicals at coal tar waste sites.’
      • ‘Samples of body fluids should be obtained including blood and urine toxicology screenings, as well as gastric lavage samples if appropriate.’
      • ‘This study suggests that screening for ADHD is crucial because of the high prevalence of ADHD among the delinquent population.’
      • ‘Prenatal screening for immunity to varicella began in this group in 1999.’
      • ‘Traditional screening includes slit-lamp examination of the eyes and serum ceruloplasmin level measurement.’
      • ‘If a baby fails a screening, the test is usually repeated.’
      • ‘More frequent screenings with mammograms and MRI imaging can lead to early diagnosis.’
      • ‘The checkup was expected to include a colonoscopy and a screening for vascular disease.’
      • ‘All subjects underwent a thorough medical screening to exclude symptomatology or clinical evidence of hepatobiliary disease.’
      • ‘‘It is important to get the timing right when investigating TB, and screening cannot be carried out too early,’ they said.’
      • ‘After an initial screening and baseline blood tests, the patients were randomly divided into four groups.’
      • ‘A new method of cervical smear test screening is being developed which could save hundreds of lives.’
      • ‘The role of population-based screening for skin cancer remains unclear.’
      • ‘Many community members participated in the multidisciplinary screening and education process.’
      • ‘The purpose of mass screening is to try and detect the lung carcinoma.’
      • ‘They helped dentists with extractions and performed health screenings and physical examinations with a nurse practitioner and pediatrician.’
      • ‘CDC has provided $81 million to continue the medical screening for these responders for 5 years.’
      • ‘Papanicolaou test and mammography screenings are current.’
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  • 3screeningsRefuse separated by sieving grain.