Definition of screen-print in English:



[with object]often as adjective screen-printed
  • Force ink or metal on to (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture or pattern.

    ‘screen-printed clothing’
    ‘slate can be screen-printed to create a lasting and impressive image’
    ‘screen-printing has become a major medium for the living artist’
    • ‘Vanessa was wearing her badminton shorts and a tee-shirt screen-printed with a picture of the tower.’
    • ‘The EP itself is an attractive thing; deep maroon coloured vinyl, with each sleeve screen-printed by the band.’
    • ‘This material includes a screen-printed appliqué that minimizes sun glare, and is resistant to temperature changes and fingerprints.’
    • ‘A photograph of a couple of people wearing Chinese costumes is screen-printed onto the map, so that they appear to be making the journey from China to Indonesia.’
    • ‘The new drawings are each based on a gray, screen-printed line drawing of an upscale living room, conservatively furnished.’
    • ‘Plain, cut, screen-printed or crushed, velvet added atmosphere and interest, with cut velvets in geometric '70s designs especially prominent.’
    • ‘He even screen-printed, by hand, the banquet's napkins, which bore a self-designed logo intertwining his and his wife, Melissa's, initials.’
    • ‘It would be made by others, using new materials and new processes, such as screen-printing and more recently laser-engraving.’
    • ‘He had stunning screen-printed posters made to attract attention but has encountered an unforeseen problem.’
    • ‘It's a lot more effective and less messy than screen-printing techniques.’
    • ‘Only 17 different types of glass panel are used, and the bright colours are screen-printed onto them.’
    • ‘Porter's no rock star; even his wardrobe - striped tee, screen-printed shirt and jeans - was still boy-next-door.’
    • ‘Each sheet of the book was screen-printed individually, which means that each sheet is an original print.’
    • ‘He held it in front of him, studying the design screen-printed on the front.’
    • ‘He does a fine screen-printed T-shirt but designer Adrian Hailwood does the expensive garb as well.’
    • ‘The treatment of the face in this 1975 portfolio of ten screen-printed portraits of African Americans contrasts sharply with the celebrity faces discussed above.’
    • ‘An automatic screen-printing machinery that could operate for 24 hours continuously, and a ‘moisture management fabric’ that could absorb sweat were also exhibited.’
    • ‘That's how the hand screen-printed reproductions of ancient and contemporary master paintings through Serigraphy began.’
    • ‘This is a well-nigh complete survey of this popular artist's graphic work in lithography, etching and screen-printing.’
    • ‘It can be painted, printed and screen-printed.’


  • A picture or design produced by screen-printing.

    • ‘Without exception, the screen prints from the two print studios are beautiful, provocative and well done.’
    • ‘She sells her screen prints throughout England and internationally and has exhibited her works all over Cumbria.’
    • ‘As the cost of the cotton cloth has increased by 10 per cent, most candidates prefer digital screen prints, which are cheaper.’
    • ‘The hotel's signature is a large black-and-white screen-print of a flower mounted on a wall, looming behind a dish of artfully arranged fruit.’
    • ‘Also included in the exhibition are a number of screen prints and vintage fabric artworks by Benhur Helwend and Peter Jeffery.’
    • ‘Using screen prints and stencils, images are transferred to stickers and stuck in clusters on newspaper boxes.’
    • ‘The T-shirts screen print was designed by Becky and says ‘Paranormal activity investigators’ complete with the image of a ghost.’
    • ‘Lessner's Black Hole Gang screen print is especially wry and fetching.’
    • ‘It's hard to imagine anyone really wanting to write a novel about, say, the story behind Warhol's screen prints of Marilyn.’
    • ‘Credit where credit is due: I nabbed this post-title from the title of a screen-print my friend John made a while back.’
    • ‘There is a more detailed photo of the screen print here.’
    • ‘It's a screen print on transfer paper, with specialty inks and processes.’
    • ‘He has made lithographs and screen prints, but his favourite printmaking medium is etching.’
    • ‘I've used oils and acrylic and made screen prints, but always return to watercolour.’
    • ‘Incidentally, he also did a screen-print of the Mona Lisa, called ‘Thirty Are Better than One’.’
    • ‘In the screen prints, the box forms frequently appear to have been cut up and imperfectly collaged back together.’
    • ‘It can be customized with company colors or a logo screen print, it is machine-washable, and one size fits all.’
    • ‘In addition to the ‘Toy Paintings,’ an extensive presentation of additional Warhol paintings and screen prints will be on display as well.’
    • ‘In many respects, the Fook legacy in Battiss' found objects, watercolours and screen-prints is more of a drawcard than his earlier works.’
    • ‘A famous example for a silk screen print is Andy Warhol's popular print series of Marilyn Monroe from 1967.’