Definition of screech owl in English:

screech owl


  • An owl with a screeching call.

    a small American owl related to the scops owls (genus Otus, family Strigidae: in particular Otus asio).

    (British)another term for barn owl

    • ‘I leave you with one of the best passages of a description of a flock of blue jays mobbing a screech owl.’
    • ‘Although tawny owls are reputed to have a hoot, this one whistled, which is probably why it is often referred to in the books as a screech owl.’
    • ‘In the woods, a variety of large and small animals and birds are attracted to red maple, including deer, elk, screech owls, moose and pileated woodpeckers.’
    • ‘Suddenly I heard the distant cry of a screech owl.’
    • ‘I'm comfortable here, and content to listen to the screech owl outside and the gentle creaking of the house as it settles for the night.’


screech owl

/ˈskriːtʃ aʊl/