Definition of scratchings in English:


(also pork scratchings)

plural noun

  • Crisp pieces of pork fat left after rendering lard, eaten as a snack.

    • ‘The vile smell of beer and pork scratchings met Cannington's delicate nose as he entered the town pub, called, appropriately, ‘The Nose Inn.’’
    • ‘Book lovers will be able to order a pint of lager and a packet of pork scratchings with their paperbacks when the pub becomes a temporary library while a new one is built.’
    • ‘Just when he'd fancy some pork scratchings or a sausage roll, he'd discover that all there was to eat were bananas, apples and those annoying little boxes of raisins.’
    • ‘This former sleepy, stuffy tavern has banished stained beer mats, pork scratchings and dusty dead flower arrangements and is now welcoming, modern and plush.’
    • ‘If I'm hungry after a night on the ale, I'll have a bag of pork scratchings or stop at the fish-and-chip shop on the way home.’