Definition of scratch-resistant in English:



  • (of a surface or hard material) not easily damaged by scratching.

    • ‘Perhaps the most striking feature of the phone is its scratch-resistant screen.’
    • ‘The back of the camera is almost completely covered by the large 2.5" LCD screen with a scratch resistant acrylic covering.’
    • ‘New advances in scratch-resistant coating, are making polycarbonate glazing a viable substitute for automotive glass.’
    • ‘Inside, both the fascia and interior trim have been given the plastic treatment, but seems to be of good quality and is scratch resistant.’
    • ‘Another selling point of titanium is that it is more scratch resistant compared to gold, platinum and silver.’
    • ‘This high-density plastic is dent and scratch resistant and much lighter than steel.’
    • ‘A final scratch-resistant coating is placed over all the layers for durability.’
    • ‘The huge LCD monitor screen also seems to have a scratch-resistant coating.’
    • ‘The patented lens offers fog and scratch-resistant treatments, provides 180-degrees panoramic vision and 100 percent UV protection.’
    • ‘The material is dense, nonporous, and stain- and scratch-resistant, with no sealing required.’
    • ‘These topcoats are highly flexible, non-porous, extremely scratch resistant, and strengthened by exposure to moisture.’
    • ‘The solid surfacing materials are scratch resistant; if you do get a scratch, you can sand it out.’
    • ‘Even though titanium is very strong and highly scratch resistant the layer of colored titanium can be scratched.’
    • ‘The sapphire used on the face is a scratch-resistant crystal second only to diamond in hardness.’
    • ‘A scratch-resistant coating can be given to plastic lenses.’
    • ‘The composites do not need to be sealed and fabricators who work with them say it's as scratch resistant as granite.’
    • ‘The fascia and interior plastics benefit from a much higher quality finish featuring scratch-resistant textures.’
    • ‘The result provides a scratch-resistant finish that complements the rich quarter-sawn oak/limestone scheme.’
    • ‘Stainless steel pots and pans are durable, non-reactive and scratch resistant, making them excellent choices.’
    • ‘With hardwearing durable worktops and steel frames with scratch resistant paintwork, their furniture combines a robust construction with a smart appearance that blends with all office environments.’