Definition of scrapple in English:



mass nounUS
  • Scraps of pork or other meat stewed with maize meal and shaped into large cakes.

    • ‘Nicole sat in her chair and helped herself to scrapple and eggs.’
    • ‘Another dish is scrapple, a sort of savoury ‘loaf’ made with pork, cornmeal, and other ingredients, to be chilled and sliced, the slices then to be fried and served very hot.’
    • ‘One by one the boys came into the kitchen fully dressed and Rebecca served each one a plate full of eggs and scrapple.’
    • ‘His approach to food embodies a culinary ecology whereby nothing edible is wasted, which in part explains his fondness for the sausage-like scrapple.’
    • ‘Puddings and scrapple are also breakfast favorites.’


Mid 19th century: diminutive of the noun scrap.