Definition of scrappage in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of scrapping old or inoperative vehicles, vessels, or machines.

    ‘they arranged for the wreck to be removed for scrappage’
    • ‘And scrappage has been at least revenue-neutral for the Government, which cashed in on the flow of VAT paid on new cars.’
    • ‘Under the Act, high-polluting vehicles that are donated for scrappage will be replaced with lower-polluting cars of a similar model.’
    • ‘Since the scheme began, the South Korean car maker Hyundai has been the biggest winner, compiling an order book of 8,000 UK scrappage sales.’
    • ‘Cars bought through scrappage had average CO2 emissions of 132.7 g/km.’
    • ‘While he has managed to get € 2,500 back for his car for scrappage, the incident has left Alan severely out of pocket.’
    • ‘Clean Green Cars warns that once scrappage ends, however, CO figures will rise unless the industry works " very hard ".’
    • ‘The entry-level price of models such as the Picanto and Hyundai i10 during scrappage?’
    • ‘Whatever else has gone wrong for the Government, scrappage has been a clear success.’
    • ‘Given that this proposal again targets older vehicles for scrappage, many of which " are collected and preserved by hobbyists, SAN is opposing this legislation.’
    • ‘At yesterday's Cabinet meeting, one of the items under discussion was car scrappage a curious addition to the agenda when half the front bench is being scrapped.’
    1. 1.1often as modifier A government programme that gives drivers a financial incentive to replace old cars with newer, more fuel-efficient ones.
      ‘a car scrappage scheme’
      • ‘Anyone who wants to examine the government's green credentials should look no further than the car scrappage scheme.’
      • ‘The Government's car scrappage scheme started in chaos yesterday as some manufacturers refused to deliver new vehicles.’
      • ‘Germany instituted a scrappage program earlier this year, followed by France and Britain.’
      • ‘Car companies have inflated forecourt prices by up to a third to claw back scrappage discounts, an undercover investigation has found.’
      • ‘Government ' cash for bangers ' scrappage scheme accounts for nearly 21 per cent of all new car registrations last month.’
      • ‘Within hours of the Government's scrappage scheme coming into force, a number of disputes came to a head over the fine print of the scheme.’
      • ‘Unlike volume carmakers, they could not profit from government-sponsored scrappage incentive schemes.’
      • ‘They were able to negotiate an average 1,699 off the windscreen price aside from any scrappage discount.’
      • ‘Owners of classic cars are being urged not to yield to the temptation of the government's scrappage scheme and have them needlessly crushed.’
      • ‘We calculate that half the 2009 improvement was due to the scrappage scheme alone.’
      • ‘In addition, a robust vehicle scrappage program would also boost the struggling economy, Mr. Nantais said.’
      • ‘It means there have now been eight consecutive months of growth thanks mainly to the scrappage scheme.’
      • ‘There is also a separate dispute over how VAT should be calculated in scrappage transactions.’
      • ‘He was at the forefront of various environmental initiatives, with Ford among the first to embrace the Government scrappage scheme.’
      • ‘Meanwhile the car industry repeated its appeal for the Government to boost the industry, on which 800, jobs depend, by setting up a "scrappage" scheme.’
      • ‘Franchised dealers have been staggered by some of the old cars they have taken in under the scrappage scheme.’
      • ‘As well as taking care of the paperwork, car dealers will be expected to take care of the scrappage process.’
      • ‘Darling announced that the widely-expected car scrappage scheme designed to help the car industry would shortly be introduced and would run until March next year.’
      • ‘The stimulus package also includes a car scrappage scheme similar to the "cash for clunkers" programme being debated in the US Congress.’
      • ‘Car manufacturers dispute the actual number of sales made under the 2,000 scrappage incentive.’