Definition of scraper in English:



  • 1A tool or device used for scraping, especially for removing dirt, paint, or other unwanted matter from a surface.

    ‘a wallpaper scraper’
    ‘residues should be removed with sharp scrapers’
    • ‘Apply the solution to the brick; allow it to soften paint; and remove with scraper and stiff bristle brush.’
    • ‘Use a paint scraper initially to remove the majority of the finish.’
    • ‘Cells were removed with a cell scraper for further analysis.’
    • ‘If you haven't already cut it up, it makes a great scraper to remove frost from your car windscreen on freezing mornings!’
    • ‘Since the site was extremely wet, lime was trucked in to help solidify the ground, enabling the fleet of scrapers to remove the required amount of dirt.’
    1. 1.1Archaeology A prehistoric flint implement with a sharpened edge used for scraping material such as hide or wood.
      • ‘The site is dated by large quantities of Mesolithic flints, such as crescent-shaped microliths, scrapers and points.’
      • ‘The Ice Age was survived largely due to the ability to skin with fine flint scrapers and preserve pelts and hides.’
      • ‘The pit also contained some 25 flint scrapers, and two stone axeheads whose distinctive rock identifies them as petrological group XX, from nearby Charnwood Forest.’
      • ‘Excavations in 1870 revealed a primary inhumation burial accompanied by a food vessel, a flint scraper, and a flint knife suggesting a date slightly later than the henges.’
      • ‘The stone tools found with the hominid remains at Dmanisi, however, are simple choppers and scrapers similar to the Oldowan set found in the Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.’