Definition of scrap dealer in English:

scrap dealer

(British scrap merchant)


  • A person who deals in scrap metal or other waste articles.

    • ‘The thieves strip lead from the roofs, which they can sell to scrap dealers, cashing in on high metal prices.’
    • ‘The aircraft did not leave the country and was later sold at auction and then purchased by a scrap dealer.’
    • ‘The project has seen scrap dealers sign up to a code of practice designed to prevent the crooks from selling on their ill-gotten goods.’
    • ‘Can you advise on the pros and cons of obtaining spare car parts from scrap dealers?’
    • ‘The new equipment is made of different materials that have little value to scrap dealers.’
    • ‘According to scrap dealers, brass prices have settled down since the 2008 financial crisis, but the thefts are continuing.’
    • ‘The aluminium parts of the traffic signals are a favourite of thieves, who sell them to scrap dealers.’
    • ‘Later, they sold off the vehicle to a scrap dealer.’
    • ‘Prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) are still terrible, an aluminum scrap dealer on the East Coast says.’
    • ‘Items that are beyond repair will be stripped down to reusable components, and any bits left over will go to scrap dealers for recycling.’