Definition of scrambled egg in English:

scrambled egg


mass noun
  • 1also scrambled eggsA dish of eggs prepared by beating them with a little liquid and then cooking and stirring gently.

    • ‘A breakfast pizza, for those who have never had the pleasure, is a small ordinary frozen pizza with scrambled eggs and bacon, sausage, or gravy on top.’
    • ‘There were plates full of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and bagels, and breakfast potatoes.’
    • ‘Saturday morning started with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and French toast.’
    • ‘Breakfasts ranged from spinach frittata to scrambled eggs, sausage patties and bagels to fresh blueberry rolls.’
    • ‘I ordered scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast, and pancakes.’
    • ‘Food is basic for the soldiers with breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, sausage and hash browns or cereal.’
    • ‘Whether it's Granny's steak pie or the scrambled eggs your mother used to whip up when you were ill in bed, comfort food is at once nostalgic and soothing.’
    • ‘I rarely cook but I'm capable of grilling steak and I make the best scrambled eggs in the world.’
    • ‘Asher made curried scrambled eggs or curried baked beans for breakfast.’
    • ‘Gee how early did you get up to be able to prepare the pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and fried rice?’
  • 2informal Gold braid on a military officer's cap.

    ‘a thug with ribbon on his chest and scrambled egg on his cap’
    • ‘The third aspect of my astonishment concerned the utter drivel the men with scrambled egg on their hats allow their hired hand to send to normally respectable newspapers.’
    cord, cording, braiding, bullion, thread, twine, yarn, tape, binding, rickrack, ribbon
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