Definition of scouring rush in English:

scouring rush


  • A horsetail with a very rough ridged stem, formerly used for scouring and polishing.

    Genus Equisetum, family Equisetaceae, in particular E. hyemale

    • ‘Dwarf scouring rush is a miniature horsetail only 8 inches tall.’
    • ‘The transition into the moist prairie is heralded by scattered scouring rushes.’
    • ‘Known commonly as the horsetail or scouring rush, this plant has emerged as one of the species that is increasingly recommended by garden designers.’
    • ‘Joining these are three scouring rushes (common scouring rush, variegated scouring rush, and water horsetail) and the common, or field, horsetail.’
    • ‘Equisetum are known as horsetails, foxtails, or scouring rushes - this last name is derived from the fact that Equisetum stores granules of silica within its cells, making it an effective tool for scrubbing pots and polishing wood.’