Definition of Scottish Nationalist in English:

Scottish Nationalist


  • A member or supporter of Scottish nationalism or of the Scottish National Party.

    • ‘Meanwhile, don't expect the Scottish Nationalists to portray themselves so much as ‘Scotland's Party ’, but as the localised campaign group fighting to save your local post office.’
    • ‘The interest of Westminster politicians in devolution for Scotland and Wales was prompted primarily by the rise of electoral support for the Scottish Nationalist party in 1974.’
    • ‘He immediately allied himself with the Scottish Nationalists of the day, the faction which pursued the defence of independence.’
    • ‘But some Scottish Nationalists are opposed to the idea, believing that as Scotland's national flag, only the Saltire should fly above Holyrood.’
    • ‘Neither Labour nor the Scottish Nationalists seem likely to take a risk on it, particularly as it would cost so much administratively and politically.’