Definition of Scotticism in English:


(also Scoticism)


  • A characteristically Scottish phrase, word, or idiom.

    • ‘It is much more disappointing to see a Scot willingly ditching it, almost in the manner of those who, post-1707, were desperate to rid their speech of Scotticisms.’
    • ‘This was an age when people in Edinburgh - even David Hume - tried to lose their Scotticisms in both speech and writing.’
    • ‘A London agent told her years ago that, if she dropped the parochial Morningside background and the pan-loaf Scotticisms, her sales would double.’
    • ‘A language has to be more than a few gallus Scotticisms scattered over standard English as a kind of local seasoning.’
    • ‘Hume also combed his prose for Scotticisms: he would write as an Englishman.’
    • ‘His fretting about his Scotticisms made the Enlightenment an alien presence to robust patriots.’
    • ‘A new mug on her desk at the Smithsonian is part of a range now on sale in Scotland featuring Scotticisms such as ‘scunner’.’
    • ‘With the return of Scots to respectability in the 19th century, Scotticisms have lost much of their former odium.’


Early 18th century: from late Latin Scot(t)icus + -ism.