Definition of scotopic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting vision in dim light, believed to involve chiefly the rods of the retina.

    Often contrasted with photopic
    • ‘Using an extremely low-light projector and other devices, we get demonstrations of night adaptation, blind spots, mesopic and scotopic vision, peripheral vision, autokinesis and flash blindness.’
    • ‘The low dark noise of rods allows the scotopic system to reliably detect a flash eliciting less than 10 effectively absorbed photons.’
    • ‘The photopic curve is for normal vision, and the scotopic curve is for eyes that are adjusted to the dark.’
    • ‘Honeybees, forced to feed under dim light levels are colour-blind just as humans are under scotopic conditions’
    • ‘Visual pigments have also evolved to perform specialized functions, such as color vision and scotopic vision.’


Early 20th century: from Greek skotos ‘darkness’ + -opia + -ic.