Definition of Scotch tape in English:

Scotch tape


mass nounNorth American
  • Transparent adhesive tape.

    • ‘It makes me feel old - which is an okay thing to be - except that I still have Scotch tape holding my lampshade together.’
    • ‘Carefully secure the edges with a hot-glue gun (don't bother with Scotch tape - it won't hold!’
    • ‘She took a roll of Scotch tape out of her bag and retrieved some pictures from her new binder to hang on her locker door.’
    • ‘Another method is to apply wide Scotch tape across the label, rub thoroughly with a solid, flat object, then pull the tape off & trim the edges.’
    • ‘You can take a sample from a surface with some Scotch tape and send it off to a lab to see if it's mold.’
    • ‘Do you have a tabloid sized newspaper, some Scotch tape, string, scissors and an appreciation of simple joys?’
    • ‘The scenes on the board are typed up and then ‘literally cut apart with scissors’ and then ‘married’ together with Scotch tape in the order of the complete script.’
    • ‘Next, I placed the glass on top of the liner and taped it to the liner using Scotch tape.’
    • ‘I slid the photograph inside and sealed it shut with Scotch tape.’
    • ‘Currently sprawled out all over the thick carpet of Gabby and Rebecca's room were rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, multiple pairs of scissors, and several rolls of Scotch tape.’


North American
  • with object and adverbial Stick with transparent adhesive tape.

    ‘I Scotch-taped my drawings to the walls’
    • ‘Someone had sloppily Scotch-taped a Council of Canadians flag next to his seat.’
    • ‘We're not newcomers, he says, referencing a smaller hand-lettered sign that was, until recently, Scotch-taped in the bookstore window.’
    • ‘I recognized most of them from the snapshots of the ensemble during their many previous nights at Linda's, which were Scotch-taped neatly onto a long mirror across from the bar.’
    • ‘The original artwork has been replaced with a magazine clipping Scotch-taped over the top.’
    • ‘There were paper chains hung from the window-frames, construction paper shamrocks Scotch-taped to the glass.’


Scotch tape