Definition of scoosh in English:


(also skoosh)


[with object]Scottish
  • Squirt or splash (liquid)

    ‘we scooshed air freshener around the room’
    • ‘Off they went into the flat and after some happy Liverpuddlian banter I could hear the sounds of air freshener being liberally scooshed around the flat.’
    • ‘Your average supermarket spud or baking potato are packed with water - if you scrape a fingernail along the surface, water will scoosh out, so it's not a good idea to throw these into hot fat.’
    • ‘All that hair lacquer skooshed had further reduced the ozone layer and made it an absolute imperative.’


  • 1A splash or squirt of liquid.

    • ‘He meshes the grotesque with the strange, interweaves the mundane and normal, and then skews the whole mixture a scoosh to the left of center.’
    • ‘She cleans the toilets and gives the doors a scoosh with the Jiff when she's there.’
    • ‘To the ignorant, a firefighter's job seems a skoosh.’
    • ‘No cheap and nasty cheating by adding a skoosh of red wine here - the art of fine champagne is in the blending, which is what you would expect from the best-selling rose in the world.’
    • ‘At this range, a skoosh would create an embarrassing mess.’
    drop, dash, bit, spot, soupçon, dribble, driblet
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    1. 1.1mass noun A fizzy drink such as lemonade.
      fizzy drink, soft drink, carbonated drink
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