Definition of scooper in English:



  • See scoop

    • ‘After graduating from the same high school as his partner and childhood friend, he enrolled in Ohio's Oberlin College to study pre-med, supplementing his income as a scooper in the college cafeteria's ice cream kiosk.’
    • ‘Staff will also be talking to dog walkers, offering helpful advice and information about training their pets and coming to the park prepared with plastic bags and scoopers.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, long before I answered God's call to be a designer of books, I spent a year as a scooper of ice cream.’
    • ‘The scoopers are on their way to homes in urban areas following confirmation that there has been a significant increase in the number of licensed dogs in the county over the past number of years.’
    • ‘After my cone was ready, I wanted to wash the scooper and a few other dishes that had surfaced in my sink but instantly realized that I had no place to hold my cone, which was in my right hand.’