Definition of scoop net in English:

scoop net


  • A fishing net on a long handle used for reaching to the bottom of a river or other shallow water.

    • ‘Today one finds all sorts of nets in the Kavango including gill nets, scoop nets and pull nets.’
    • ‘The guy who taught me how to catch fish, he only showed me how to catch fish by hand net, and scoop net.’
    • ‘Sylvia and Lionel first caught whitebait on the Awakino River using a little fold up scoop net and graduated onto a stand up the Mokau.’
    • ‘A helicopter with a scoop net and an inflatable rescue boat joined the search effort, but the man wasn't found.’
    • ‘We actually have a modified little aquarium fish scoop net on the end of a long pole and that's exactly what we're doing.’