Definition of scobe in English:


(also skobe)


derogatory, informal
  • An uncouth or aggressive person, typically a young man or boy, regarded as being of low social status.

    ‘the blokes are all scobes in tracksuits’
    • ‘Some of her children have been called "scobe", "skank" and "scrounger" at school.’
    • ‘She looks at me like a skobe who's just sat next to her on the bus with a can of beer.’
    • ‘I'm telling her that Liam's a total skobe.’
    • ‘Since they've made the road better, we've seen more scobes in town than we ever used to.’
    • ‘We used to run over and start shouting at him and he'd say, "Go away, scobes".’


1950s: of uncertain origin; possibly short for scobe-gatherer, ‘person gathering rods to bind thatch, menial worker’, from Irish sgolb ‘wattle’.