Definition of sclerotization in English:


(British sclerotisation)


  • See sclerotized

    • ‘Catecholamines are required for proper melanization and sclerotization of the Drosophila cuticle.’
    • ‘Soldiers appear darker than do nonsoldier nymphs, owing to a higher degree of sclerotization, and have larger hind-legs then do nonsoldiers.’
    • ‘Extensive sclerotization of either proximal or distal portion by oxidative stress, for example, could undermine load redistribution and determine in part when threads become functionally obsolete and need to be replaced.’
    • ‘The unexpected point to emerge from the results is that aerated shaking of threads in seawater leads to a permanent hardening or sclerotization.’
    • ‘They also display a unique phenotype characterized by excessive sclerotization of the anterior-most cuticle.’