Definition of sclerophyll in English:



  • A woody plant with evergreen leaves that are tough and thick in order to reduce water loss.

    • ‘A higher mesophyll resistance in woody plants than in herbs, and in sclerophylls than in mesophytes, has been reported.’
    • ‘Evergreen sclerophylls are regarded as one of the most typical components of the Mediterranean-type vegetation.’
    • ‘As settlement spread inland, vast forests of eucalypts and other sclerophylls were discovered, but no further easily worked species.’
    • ‘Evergreen sclerophylls and drought semi-deciduous shrubs that shed their leaves during dry periods are the dominant plants in this region.’
    • ‘The arid scenery rushed past me, sclerophyll trees and forests speeding by the window at what seemed a rate of knots.’


Early 20th century: from Greek sklēros ‘hard’ + phullon ‘leaf’.