Definition of scleractinian in English:


noun & adjective

  • See Scleractinia

    • ‘They discuss the scleractinian skeleton in detail, covering, in their words, its morphology, mineralogy, growth, and chemistry.’
    • ‘For example, fragmentation in scleractinian corals can reduce fecundity in polyps surrounding the damaged region or even entire coral colonies, by an unknown mechanism.’
    • ‘Changes in biomineralization styles that occur in skeletal ontogeny provide important clues about possible constraints on microstructural evolution of the scleractinian skeleton.’
    • ‘Modern scleractinian corals appear, and in the equatorial Tethyean regions form small patch reefs no more than a meter high and often build on the decaying remains of sponge reefs.’
    • ‘In any case, most if not all Triassic scleractinians, whether zooxanthellate or not, show skeletal construction different from modern (strictly post-Cretaceous) equivalents.’