Definition of scissortail in English:



  • 1A tyrant flycatcher with a very long forked tail, found in the southern US and noted for its spectacular aerial display.

    Tyrannus forficatus, family Tyrannidae

    • ‘In those days scissor-tailed flycatchers were still uncommon in our part of the world, and seemed nearly as exotic to us as toucans.’
    • ‘That should make the scissor-tailed flycatchers happy.’
    • ‘As I stood there on my sister's porch, the first scissor-tailed flycatcher of the spring flew over.’
    • ‘Was it a member of the winged flock that was in the running for Oklahoma's state bird, an honor ultimately bestowed on the swallow-tailed scissortail flycatcher?’
    • ‘Just yesterday I sat under a tiny tree surrounded by concrete in the parking lot and watched a scissor-tailed flycatcher work on her nest.’
  • 2A small SE Asian freshwater fish with a deeply forked tail.

    Rasbora trilineata, family Cyprinidae