Definition of scilla in English:



  • A plant of the lily family which typically bears small blue star- or bell-shaped flowers and glossy straplike leaves, native to Eurasia and temperate Africa.

    Genus Scilla, family Liliaceae

    • ‘On the south side of the manor house, he planted a large alpine meadow with masses of scillas, daffodils, anemomes and fritillarias.’
    • ‘To naturalize bulbs in your lawn, choose bulbs that blossom and fade before grass grows vigorously and requires mowing: crocus, winter aconite, snowdrops, and scilla.’
    • ‘Along with the various scillas, consideration must be given to the striped squills or Puschkinias.’
    • ‘The hoop petticoat narcissus, snowdrops, scillas, and crocus are perhaps the most delightful subjects for the purpose.’
    • ‘Spring kicks off with two million crocuses followed by 900,000 daffodils and 300,000 scillas planted under the trees.’


Modern Latin, from Latin scilla ‘sea onion’, from Greek skilla.