Definition of scientistic in English:



  • See scientism

    • ‘Certainly, the expert volumes - medical and theological - in which she discovers her identity at first appear to impose themselves upon her with a scientistic authority in the forms of taxonomy and case history.’
    • ‘There is no National Association for the Advancement of Scientism, and in fact there is not even a word to label a person who engages in scientism (engaging in scientistic behavior doesn't make you a scientist).’
    • ‘There will be those - doubtless they will be many - who object that what I have said here reveals a narrow, scientistic rationalism.’
    • ‘Perhaps we shall begin to think again about our secularised, scientistic, self-actualising world view.’
    • ‘That wealth allows us to indulge in what are often goofily scientistic attempts to stack up quantitative ‘knowledge’ about men's minds.’