Definition of scientificity in English:



  • See scientific

    • ‘This purported scientificity of the spiritual realm, in turn, paves the way for declaring occult New Age practices like astrology, vastu, and quantum healing and even yagnas as scientific within the Vedic - Hindu universe.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, such breezy approximation rules his writing, bolstered by a polemical gesture (supposedly in tune with the films) against any spurious scientificity, abstract theorising or dry, unfeeling rationalism.’
    • ‘The correlation was never absolute, so it was defined as absolute, to pretend to scientificity.’
    • ‘In fact, they are not alone in defending the scientificity of yogic meditation as a valid scientific method.’
    • ‘Historical and institutional economics, on the other hand, are value laden, at least in origin, and the model of scientificity they intended to attain was somehow different.’