Definition of scientifically in English:



  • 1By means of scientific methods and principles.

    ‘scientifically proven treatments’
    ‘both theories can be explained scientifically’
    • ‘These phenomena typically feature non-physical aspects that would make it difficult to scientifically test and evaluate.’
    • ‘These claims were based on earlier, scientifically discredited data.’
    • ‘This is a discipline which studies and seeks to explain natural phenomena scientifically.’
    • ‘They relied primarily on a survey of fire investigators instead of trying to scientifically establish the accuracy of theories.’
    • ‘Is there a realm of objective consciousness which has been scientifically traced and methodically explored?’
    • ‘He has scientifically described strategies plants can use to tolerate toxic soils.’
    • ‘It's a scientifically researched CD designed to help tired drivers make the best use of a 30 minute break from driving.’
    • ‘Corpses are left outdoors and scientifically observed for rigour and maggots, to help budding crime scene investigators learn to determine time of death.’
    • ‘At that time, early geologists and naturalists started trying to scientifically study the ways soils and rock layers had accumulated over time.’
    • ‘The study includes some endangered species, so as to scientifically quantify their endangeredness.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to or is used in science.
      ‘scientifically minded people’
      ‘a scientifically important site’
      • ‘This ancient discipline is both spiritually and scientifically based and universally applicable.’
      • ‘It's critical for Harvard to have a full understanding of international developments—scientifically, legislatively, and in the public realm.’
      • ‘Trenching through these features will be a challenging, but scientifically exciting operation.’
      • ‘The study relied on 175 separate studies, utilizing 90,000 direct measurements, spanning 100 years, using the scientifically legitimate chemical method.’
      • ‘As this classification is scientifically absurd, it creates or at least perpetuates artificial racial divisions amongst the population.’
      • ‘My major objective for undergraduate students is that they learn how to think scientifically and to develop an appreciation of why this might be useful.’
      • ‘These questions were left totally unanswered because the thief is scientifically incompetent.’
      • ‘Stem cell research is a complicated subject, not only scientifically but ethically as well.’
      • ‘She's a scientifically trained worker.’
      • ‘He wonders how so many people can be scientifically illiterate when they come from the same educational system that produces the world's most accomplished scientists.’
  • 2informal In a systematic or methodical manner.

    ‘everything is planned out scientifically’
    • ‘Dreams for the library include more computers, an official website, scientifically arranged reading and reference sections, and so on.’
    • ‘It is scientifically constructed as regards lighting, heating, and the most important points in all buildings, ventilation, which is, indeed quite perfect.’
    • ‘Carnatic music is scientifically organized, but folk music is not, so people who are not properly trained just sing out of emotion, enthusiasm.’
    • ‘He decided to document his findings and more scientifically study chi, instead of learning from experience.’
    • ‘A potential client may find a particular service provider to be comparatively more desirable than another because he or she employs scientifically better services.’
    • ‘Cooking will be easier and there are hardly any dishes—it's a scientifically righteous cup-o'-soup.’
    • ‘The company will execute its plans scientifically and objectively.’
    • ‘The layout of food facilities is scientifically planned from the standpoint of service.’
    • ‘If universities are managed and organized scientifically, by spending one tenth of the resources, they can be made tenfold efficient and effective.’
    • ‘Predicting chart successes scientifically isn't new.’