Definition of Schrödinger equation in English:

Schrödinger equation


  • A differential equation which forms the basis of the quantum-mechanical description of matter in terms of the wave-like properties of particles in a field. Its solution is related to the probability density of a particle in space and time.

    • ‘The fundamental equation of quantum mechanics is known as the Schrödinger equation.’
    • ‘It is clear that we could try to recover realism and determinism if we allowed the view that the Schrödinger equation, and the wave-function or state-vector, might not contain all the information that is available about the system.’
    • ‘Once the Schrödinger equation was developed to show the exact three-dimensional structure of the hydrogen atom, the theory of resonance was developed to explain the multiple solutions sometimes obtained using this equation.’
    • ‘The Schrödinger equation then gives the function for any subsequent time interval.’
    • ‘Shortly after the advancement of the Schrödinger equation German physicist Max Born postulated that the wave function could be used to determine the probability of finding a particle in a particular region at a specific time.’


Schrödinger equation