Definition of schoolmate in English:



  • A person who attends or attended the same school as oneself.

    ‘she was teased by her schoolmates’
    ‘I ran into an old schoolmate of mine’
    • ‘Asking one's friends and schoolmates to participate in these camps was a natural course of events.’
    • ‘She had many good friends who were boys - all whom which were considered as soccer buddies or schoolmates, but she was never involved in relationships of any sort.’
    • ‘The friend is a schoolmate threatened with expulsion by their teacher, not for failing to do his homework, but for failing to do it in his notebook as the teacher requires.’
    • ‘Kids walked to school together, their schoolmates were their neighbors, and they all came home for lunch.’
    • ‘Auden seems to have impressed his teachers and schoolmates by his wide knowledge and self-assurance.’
    • ‘But there was also the support we got, from friends and family, from teachers and coaches and schoolmates.’
    • ‘As a former schoolmate and family friend of Stanhope, he is extremely excited to be there.’
    • ‘She nodded and, as their orders arrived, their conversation turned to lighter topics such as what Lynn thought of her school and her schoolmates.’
    • ‘By the time he graduated from high school his schoolmates had voted him ‘person most likely to succeed’.’
    • ‘He sat down on the hood of his best friends car and they started to watch their schoolmates go into the school building.’
    • ‘Most importantly, when I felt the need to be strong in front of everyone else, including my family, friends, and schoolmates, they allowed me to be human.’
    • ‘I met more of my future classmates and schoolmates, and a couple of James and Madison's friends.’
    • ‘My classmates and schoolmates shunned me in school for causing my mother's and my cousin's death.’
    • ‘But her schoolmates and her school have really helped her through.’
    • ‘The first 45 minutes are spent in the homes of the eight contenders, interviewing their parents, siblings, teachers and schoolmates.’
    • ‘Their circle of friends, their schoolmates, and their athletic teams are much more varied than those of even a generation ago.’
    • ‘We also meet his schoolmates from the Lycee at Tsarskoe Selo, an elite school founded by the emperor Alexander I, of which Pushkin's was the first graduating class.’
    • ‘Parents of their son's schoolmates, his teachers, his principal, school administrators and members of the community all know the boy.’
    • ‘Due in part to his dearth of footballing talent, he lived vicariously through the campaigns and conquests of his schoolmates and friends of greater sporting capacity.’
    • ‘As children we were eager to swap comics with schoolmates; in college we freely lent books to each other.’
    companion, boon companion, bosom friend, best friend, close friend, intimate, confidante, confidant, familiar, soul mate, alter ego, second self, shadow, playmate, playfellow, classmate, workmate, ally, comrade, associate
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