Definition of schoolman in English:



  • 1A teacher in a university in medieval Europe.

    • ‘Empiricists like Locke and rationalists like Newton lacked the rich ontology of Thomas Aquinas and the medieval schoolmen.’
    • ‘But for Augustine the relationship between faith and reason is not what it later became for the medieval schoolmen.’
    • ‘Between 1 and 9 December 1916 there followed political manoeuvres of Byzantine complexity over which historians continue to dispute like so many medieval schoolmen.’
    • ‘Really, this is an argument that might appeal to a medieval schoolman, but, really, having regard to the summing up, to suggest that there is any miscarriage of justice in this case borders on the preposterous.’
    • ‘In the summer of 1872 he read Duns Scotus, a medieval schoolman, for the first time.’
    educator, tutor, instructor, pedagogue, schoolteacher, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, master, mistress, governess, educationalist, educationist
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  • 2A scholastic theologian.

    • ‘This question is the modern equivalent of the subtle debates of the schoolmen over angels dancing on the heads of pins - and no less vital to the intellectual life of the day.’
    • ‘For so long we have read the Bible in exegetical isolation from the gathered wisdom of the fathers, the schoolmen, and the reformers that we have become vulnerable to all kinds of aberrant ideas with alleged biblical support.’
    • ‘Their aim was to restate theology in the fresh language of the Bible rather than in what they regarded as the stale definitions of the schoolmen.’