Definition of schooled in English:



  • often in combination Educated or trained in a specified activity or in a particular way.

    ‘a man well schooled in making money’
    • ‘She was shocked at her own use of profanity, since she had carefully schooled herself out of that habit when he got old enough to understand it.’
    • ‘Judges are well schooled in their discipline but are not computer scientists.’
    • ‘These examples are extremely pertinent as they act as a metaphor for the precarious nature of schoolchildren's ambitions and the ambiguous status achieved by the schooled person in Madagascar.’
    • ‘It formed when she joined her sister (a schooled opera singer) in Paris in 2003.’
    • ‘I kept a carefully schooled mask over my features, silently thanking him for teaching me how to hide emotions - especially surprise.’
    • ‘Yet no one, he concludes, has offered demonstrable proof that Paul made conscious use of schooled rhetorical training.’
    • ‘He has a well schooled voice with easily reached, burnished low tones.’
    • ‘Those guys were all schooled jazz musicians; we all spoke the same language.’
    • ‘My schooled rage had broken and I was screaming.’
    • ‘Structural evaluations, as with medical diagnoses, can be lawfully and reliably provided only by duly credentialed and adequately schooled individuals.’
    • ‘If there was only one thing that being friends with Leif taught me, then it would defiantly be that a schooled expression is the best expression.’
    • ‘She is, unfortunately, not very well schooled in the rules of upper class behavior.’
    • ‘He's been well schooled, Peterson, and he has not made any errors, if you will, in front of the jury in terms of his reaction to any of this testimony.’
    • ‘The audience waits, with schooled patience, for the next small thing to happen.’
    • ‘In cross-cultural researches on cognitive performance, it has been found that the IQ difference between the schooled and non-schooled individuals is very obvious.’
    learned, erudite, academic, well educated, educated, literate, well read, widely read, knowledgeable, intellectual, well schooled, enlightened, illuminated, sophisticated, accomplished, versed, cultured, cultivated, civilized, scholarly, scholastic, literary, bookish, highbrow, studious
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