Definition of schoolchild in English:



  • A child attending school.

    • ‘For the study, 4,320 schoolchildren took a standard test to gauge stress.’
    • ‘Students and schoolchildren all use the system for Internet access and email.’
    • ‘They sounded like schoolchildren, saluting their head mistress at the beginning of an assembly.’
    • ‘He examined schoolchildren's scores on different academic subjects.’
    • ‘The boom in bipolar disorder may in part be the outgrowth of wanton diagnosis of attention deficit disorder in schoolchildren.’
    • ‘Civil servants wear neat uniforms to work, as do schoolchildren and teachers.’
    • ‘Worst of all, many schoolchildren have to face dropping out after primary schooling because secondary education is not free.’
    • ‘All schoolchildren under the age of 14 should be taught how to grow and prepare their own food, she suggests.’
    • ‘In Guatemala, schoolchildren generally attend private or boarding schools, if their parents can afford it.’
    • ‘It will run from October 9 to 11, and is aimed at schoolchildren from junior infants to second class.’
    • ‘Elementary schoolchildren typically live and attend schools in the same neighborhood.’
    • ‘Empire Day was directed especially at schoolchildren, who gathered to receive homilies followed by a school picnic or half-holiday.’
    • ‘Despite a few tricks such as sliding seats, the rear cabin is very small and best re-served for schoolchildren and their schoolbags.’
    • ‘Another time, he and a class of schoolchildren cleared an area of rubbish together, and from this built a figure of a woman.’
    • ‘Even though we don't earn a penny, we've been able to make a big impact in helping to educate the local schoolchildren.’
    • ‘When he traveled within the country, streets would be closed and would be lined with schoolchildren waving flags and singing national songs.’
    • ‘During the yearlong exhibition, didactic programs are offered for schoolchildren.’
    • ‘The main thrust of the residency is a series of educational workshops and masterclasses for primary and secondary schoolchildren.’
    • ‘Since 1931, the state song has been taught to schoolchildren across the state.’
    • ‘In the early 1960s less than one in five schoolchildren went on to complete secondary education.’
    pupil, schoolboy, schoolgirl, scholar
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