Definition of school year in English:

school year


  • The period in the year during which pupils attend school, from the beginning of the autumn term to the end of the summer term.

    • ‘Some children feel anxiety about a new school year if the year before was difficult.’
    • ‘Two summers, and three school years later, everyone was, once again, out at camp.’
    • ‘If all else fails, you can always negotiate a summer adventure between school years.’
    • ‘As the school year started two years ago there was little public concern over this.’
    • ‘Over the remainder of the last school year and summer, she had regained some of her lost weight.’
    • ‘He had come at the beginning of the school year and they had been friends ever since.’
    • ‘So at the end of the school year, all my teachers had a conference with my parents.’
    • ‘From the third school year on, he played truant every month, and was very often late.’
    • ‘A little bit into the school year, our teacher gave us a project that we had to complete as a group.’
    • ‘It started up at the beginning of the school year and I've had to endure about two months of it now.’
    • ‘He and his mother would move into town at the beginning of the school year and he would be enrolled.’
    • ‘Live in the same town in which you attend university during the school year.’
    • ‘As he left, he berated himself for not studying hard enough since the beginning of the school year.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the school year she'd signed up to help tutor precalculus students.’
    • ‘She met his father in high school when he spent a school year there as an exchange student.’
    • ‘I was to start my freshman year in a local high school when the new school year started.’
    • ‘Okay, so technically that was just this summer, but I think in terms of school years, not actuality.’
    • ‘No sane person could possibly be that perky about the beginning of the school year!’
    • ‘Those who had successfully got into the school would commence going to it at the beginning of the school year in September.’
    • ‘We've spent so much time together for the two months since the beginning of the school year people were starting to get suspicious of us.’
    academic year
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