Definition of school trustee in English:

school trustee


Canadian, NZ
  • A member of a board of people elected or appointed to promote the interests of a school.

    ‘parents are working with principals and school trustees to make the best decisions for school communities’
    • ‘The leasing bylaws were passed by school trustees Tuesday night.’
    • ‘Final budget approval was delayed this month after a school trustee refused to endorse the plan.’
    • ‘Parents from all four schools will present final comments to school trustees at a meeting Tuesday evening.’
    • ‘North Vancouver school trustees are expected to make a decision on the issue in March.’
    • ‘The decision facing school trustees is a tough one.’
    • ‘More slumber time is a solution school trustees are pondering to help lethargic teens in the morning.’
    • ‘Three of the seven school trustees voted this month against the decision to move Windsor House.’
    • ‘The main reason we oppose the bill is that the school trustees themselves do not support it.’
    • ‘It is critical that we maintain the importance of school trustees within our schools.’
    • ‘Parents appealed to their school trustees not to close their schools in June.’