Definition of school sores in English:

school sores

plural noun

NZ, Australian
  • treated as singular A contagious bacterial skin infection forming crusty sores; impetigo.

    ‘the district health nurses would check pupils for nits, school sores, and the like’
    • ‘The topical antibiotic used to be sold as an over-the-counter treatment for boils, school sores, and other skin infections.’
    • ‘Charities are scrambling to ensure school sores, rheumatic fever, and respiratory illness are kept out of the classroom.’
    • ‘"It seemed crazy that we were in there looking at throats when there was a kid covered in school sores," he says.’
    • ‘We have kids living in actual poverty—i.e. in unhygienic, unhealthy circumstances with poor nutrition, and suffering from diseases such as rheumatic fever, TB scabies, and school sores infected with staph.’
    • ‘The principal said scabies, school sores, and head lice were "anecdotally getting worse".’
    • ‘Her work includes treatment for serious skin infections such as scabies—which have been eradicated from her schools—boils, infected eczema, cellulitis, and school sores.’
    • ‘When she saw that some children had school sores she quarantined them.’
    • ‘She told the newspaper that scabies, school sores, and gum disease were rife among Aboriginal children.’