Definition of school inspector in English:

school inspector

(also schools inspector)


  • (in the UK) an official who reports on teaching standards in schools on behalf of Ofsted.

    • ‘Not all district offices are functioning effectively and school inspectors no longer exist, thanks largely to union objections.’
    • ‘The Mormon church in Britain is to get a £1m windfall from a former schools inspector who yesterday sold his business for almost £20m.’
    • ‘A Northcliffe teacher expressed surprise that it had been placed in special measures by school inspectors.’
    • ‘‘She was highly commended by school inspectors and was a first class teacher and a lovely person,’ said Mrs Jones.’
    • ‘Education ministers and schools inspectors are more skilled than immigration officers when it comes to driving people out.’
    • ‘An early school inspector reported that the children were being taught with skill and care, but highlighted discipline problems.’
    • ‘There was a similar stiffening of control in the schools, to each of which, earlier, had been appointed a school inspector to watch over morals and political opinions.’
    • ‘There will be a process of enforcement involving local authorities and schools inspectors.’
    • ‘There are memories aplenty, too, from his time as a school inspector.’
    • ‘‘This job is similar to a school inspector but inspecting police effectiveness and leadership,’ he said.’
    • ‘A local pre-school has moved into 2005 on a high after being given a big thumbs up by school inspectors.’
    • ‘After teaching English at a range of schools he spent ten years as a school inspector in North Yorkshire, later appointed principal adviser.’
    • ‘Mr Smith, a school inspector himself, said he is only too aware of the pressure facing schools during an inspection.’
    • ‘Pupils already receive sex education at school - although a report from school inspectors in April said this was failing to teach pupils enough about the dangers of sexually-transmitted diseases.’
    • ‘The particular problems of schools in Glasgow have been recognised by the schools inspectors.’
    • ‘The Pudsey office provides administrative staff to support school inspectors while the Leeds office monitors the education and care of young children.’
    • ‘He took his law degree and in 1942, after a school inspector pointed out he was not a trained teacher, he took his B.Ed. degree too, topping the list of students.’
    • ‘Now all that is just a memory after the top school inspector in the country took time to praise the excellent education on offer there.’
    • ‘As we can see even a school inspector has come to recognise this fact.’
    • ‘But others complained about attitudes of school inspectors, teaching in state schools and the limitations placed upon teaching orders.’