Definition of school dinner in English:

school dinner


usually school dinners
  • A midday meal provided for a child at school.

    ‘there was a smell in the air that reminded her of school dinners’
    as modifier ‘a school-dinner lady’
    • ‘Children may miss school because they are worried about their appearance, or not claim their free school dinner because they are afraid of being labelled the ‘poor kid’ and teased because of their poverty.’
    • ‘So in a way, I don't think he rubbished an institution, because for him the dinner ladies were the key people in school dinners.’
    • ‘This could be a very good way of helping the local economy and improving the quality and nutritional value of school dinners.’
    • ‘At her last school, according to her mother, she was ‘made to look like a freak’ because she had to eat her packed lunch separately from the other children, while they tucked into their school dinners.’
    • ‘She also refused to remove her shoes and socks for physical education in front of others and would eat nothing all day, neither school dinners nor a packed lunch.’