Definition of School Certificate in English:

School Certificate


  • 1A qualification achieved by taking public examinations of proficiency for secondary-school pupils. These examinations existed between 1917 and 1951 in England and Wales, and are current in New Zealand.

    ‘a boy with a good School Certificate’
    • ‘I had to get my School Certificate, which I duly did.’
    • ‘In New South Wales this credential is known as the Higher School Certificate.’
    • ‘Jane had a Higher School Certificate in biology but had no experience of chimps apart from seeing two rather sad specimens at London Zoo.’
    1. 1.1 School Certificate examinations.
      mass noun ‘I had passed School Certificate’
      ‘I left after taking the School Certificate’
      as modifier ‘just before her School Certificate examination’
      • ‘When he was sitting School Certificate, his study was interrupted by live radio broadcasts of All Black tests against England, Wales, Scotland and France.’
      • ‘Two years later, aged 16 years and eight months, I took the Higher School Certificate.’
      • ‘At the end of the twelfth grade, when students are about eighteen years old, they take a public exam called the Higher School Certificate.’
      • ‘It may well be true that today's ‘A’ level students would have difficulty in passing the Higher School Certificate that was my school leaving exam.’
      • ‘It is an agricultural high school on the outskirts of Sydney and its students regularly score very high marks in the Higher School Certificate exam.’
      • ‘New South Wales has a School Certificate exam (school assessment plus external test) in English, maths, science and history - geography-civics at Year 10.’
      • ‘He failed School Certificate when he first sat it while attending school in Te Aroha.’
      • ‘With him, I wrote the first School Certificate textbook on East African history based on oral and written sources for a new national syllabus.’
      • ‘The impacts identified by the introduction into service of the Hawk Lead-In Fighter include restricted flying curfews, such as times when students are preparing for and sitting their Higher School Certificates.’
      • ‘His father told him that if he passed his School Certificate and earned the money for a return ticket he would be allowed to go.’
      • ‘‘In the past we always had the School Certificate mark to go on,’ he says, ‘and that was reasonable.’’
      • ‘But now at last Film is in the Higher School Certificate English curriculum, and as someone who spent most of his professional life as a teacher and teacher educator fighting for Film Studies, I wish to God they had left well enough alone.’
      • ‘He passed School Certificate with 232 marks - 200 was the pass mark - but failed University Entrance twice, languishing for two years in the lower sixth form.’
      • ‘We were at first on the Classical side at Westminster, though he switched to History after School Certificate (as 0 level was then called).’
      • ‘Higher School Certificate enrolments in Latin in 1978 had dropped to 187 candidates, compared to 864 in 1971, or indeed 1558 in 1967, the first year of the HSC in New South Wales.’
      • ‘I was only a matter of months away from having to sit for my Higher School Certificate.’