Definition of schmecker in English:



dated, informal
  • A drug addict, especially a heroin addict.

    • ‘If they are all schmeckers, they have a prearranged time to fix or take a bang; they stop and take the necessary time to do this, often in a rest room, sometimes in a hotel room.’
    • ‘I suspect her to be a schmecker but it's hard to tell with women.’
    • ‘Old time schmeckers suck the black smoke in the Chinese laundry back room.’
    • ‘I didn't mean to imply that I was a schmecker myself, just that I've been up on felony charges, and known plenty of people who were looking at felony drug charges.’
    • ‘A performer finds a stage just as surely as a schmecker finds his man.’
    abuser, user
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1950s: from Yiddish schmeck ‘a sniff’ + -er. Compare with smack.