Definition of schlub in English:


(also shlub)


North American
  • A talentless, unattractive, or boorish person.

    ‘the poor dumb shlub just didn't get it’
    • ‘I feel sorry for those schlubs who got all that deli stuff.’
    • ‘It just confirms all my contempt for the modern music industry and the dumb tasteless shlubs in the listening world who lap up the industry's noxious and offensive outpourings.’
    • ‘Seems like Lady Luck is finally smiling on the unattractive shlub.’
    • ‘Not too shabby for a dame who roared into town at three in the morning and complained about the other schlubs in the nursery who made too much noise.’
    • ‘Despite their noticeable lack of skill, fans love the weak-hitting, glass-armed shlubs.’
    • ‘The irony for me is that it really isn't conservative industrialists who employ violence and intimidation, it's poor schlubs doing it to other poor schlubs.’
    • ‘Lots of people make more than $200,000 and dress like schlubs.’
    • ‘But: good execution is more important than good ideas, and while your company's geniuses might come up with the lion's share of the ideas, it's the other poor shlubs that have to make it work.’
    • ‘‘My friend and I couldn't get over how every great woman we know from college - great, smart, accomplished women - date these total schlubs: guys with no money, no ambition, no redeeming qualities and no clue,’ she said.’
    • ‘But in this case, these guys were shlubs who didn't even enjoy themselves.’
    • ‘He gives all the other schlubs in the world a bad name.’
    • ‘We're just more schlubs stuck in holiday traffic.’
    • ‘He was quite good, as he always is, although I've never seen him as quite the schlub he was in this film.’
    • ‘He's just a regular shlub bobbing along on the surface of life.’
    • ‘You will sometimes feel like a hapless schlub next to her.’
    • ‘‘They never really knew what to do with my character, who was just such a shlub,’ he remembers.’
    • ‘You get through security faster, because a security guard recognizes you, and you're not just an average schlub.’
    • ‘Besides copious amounts of available cash, celebrity politicians have the name recognition that the regular shlubs are hustling for.’
    • ‘Also, this season they aren't just helping shlubs clean up their act to impress their wives and girlfriends.’
    • ‘I love throwaway humor, the weird little asides that maybe weren't what the marketing schlubs thought would people would laugh at when they did test screenings, but that crack me up.’
    bumpkin, country bumpkin, country cousin, rustic, countryman, countrywoman, country dweller, daughter of the soil, son of the soil, peasant, provincial, oaf, lout, boor, barbarian
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1960s: Yiddish shlub, perhaps from Polish żłób.