Definition of schlocky in English:


(US shlocky)


North American
  • See schlock

    • ‘This is the kind of thing that schlocky TV producers love.’
    • ‘But laid out on the floor of the tank room, being regularly doused with water to keep it from drying out, the squid looks less like an exciting scientific specimen and more like a gruesome puppet made for a schlocky horror film.’
    • ‘Thankfully, the four young leads give suitably heartfelt and believable performances, giving an otherwise schlocky teen soap opera the pleasing illusion of quality.’
    • ‘I, personally, am distracted by schlocky music.’
    • ‘Some films are so unashamedly schlocky, it's almost as if they go right past ‘bad’ and come all the way round to ‘outstanding’ again.’