Definition of schistosity in English:



  • See schistose

    • ‘Granite veins cut pelitic schists at a high angle but the veins are not folded, showing that the main schistosity predates emplacement.’
    • ‘In the northern part of the range, no pervasive brittle deformation features were recognized and only local reactivations of the regional schistosity by right-lateral faulting was documented.’
    • ‘Further evidence of multiphase folding is given by crenulation or microfolding with hinge zones a centimetre or so apart which crinkle an earlier cleavage or schistosity.’
    • ‘In the area sampled, there is considerable variation in the orientation of the schistosity and consequently the amount of rotation will vary from site to site.’
    • ‘Brittle faulting is subparallel to the regional subvertical schistosity, indicating that it was superimposed in a broad region that has earlier experienced ductile-dominated deformation.’