Definition of schilling in English:



  • (until the introduction of the euro in 2002) the basic monetary unit of Austria, equal to 100 groschen.

    • ‘A recent survey at the end of the year for the Austrian broadcaster, the ORF, found that two-thirds of the country still thought in terms of the now defunct schillings.’
    • ‘According to an artist's statement prepared for this exhibition, from Aug.1, 2001, until the last moment of the schilling's circulation, on Feb.28, 2002, he transcribed his exceptionally vivid dreams as penciled works on paper.’
    • ‘After hyperinflation, Austria introduces the schilling.’
    • ‘For instance, it is often claimed that in Austria the pegging of the schilling to the German mark affected trade union behaviour.’
    • ‘Games on offer are mainly hold'em and stud at all limits from 30-60 to 200-400 Austrian schillings.’
    • ‘This is clearly shown in Figure 1 by the horizontal line for the schilling (over the entire period displayed) and the guilder.’
    • ‘In Austria there is widespread nostalgia for the old schilling and a growing movement in favour of dual pricing - if not the scrapping of the euro altogether.’
    • ‘With central banks aiming to peg the Austrian schilling and the Dutch guilder to the Deutsche mark, the nominal exchange rates (defined as local currency/foreign currency) against the mark should have been stable.’
    • ‘Europe's policy-makers went through virtually every monetary name in the continent's history, with early favourites such as the florin and the schilling failing to make the cut.’
    • ‘Austria's basic unit of currency is the schilling.’
    • ‘At the day's end they were back up and running and Austria's central bank remains optimistic that the schilling will disappear quickly.’


From German Schilling; compare with shilling.