Definition of Schiff base in English:

Schiff base


  • An organic compound having the structure R¹R²CNR³ (where R¹,²,³ are alkyl groups and R¹ may be hydrogen).

    • ‘This reorientation of the Schiff base determines the vectoriality of the proton pump.’
    • ‘Thus, continuous illumination creates another kind of deprotonated Schiff base containing photoproduct unrelated to the azide photocycle we described here.’
    • ‘The chloride is close to the Schiff base, although in unfavorable position for hydrogen bonding.’
    • ‘In some crystal structures, the conformational changes are limited to local residues surrounding the Schiff base.’
    • ‘On the other hand, in polar conjugated systems such as protonated Schiff bases the funnel shows a structure with just one twisted double bond.’


Late 19th century: named after Hugo Schiff (1834–1915), German chemist.